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J.O.Y Electronics Group Inc. We specialize in finding parts other companies give up on tracking down. We`re quick, reliable, and we back our quality service with over 12 years of Industry Know-how. J.O.Y. supports real- world missions, such as wartime scenarios, A.O.G.s, production work stoppages, and overhaul. Above all, we are prepared to respond even when the challenge requires expertise and effort beyond what`s routine. Before you give up on finding a part, give us a call Proven track record has made us the go-to company for coming through when it really counts.
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Aircraft Supply Services
Airframe Specific Inventories
In addition to our full line of aircraft parts, Rotables and consumables support, J.O.Y. maintains extensive airframe specific inventories for the following aircraft and helicopters.
  • Beechcraft
  • Cessna
  • Piper
  • Mooney
  • Sport Aircraft
  • King Air

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